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In Seoul, you’ll find contrasts everywhere: mountains, skyscrapers and traditional hanoks near hyper-modern buildings. The city is loud and quiet, dirty and clean and sometimes, you find something that messes with your head and changes forever the way you see strangeness.
This guide is updated every trip. Last updated: 27/11/2019.
We visited 2 of the 3 locations in Seoul and we have to highlight Onion Anguk. The café is located in a carefully remodelled Hanok at Jongno-gu. A peaceful place where you need to take off your shoes to drink one of the best coffees in Korea and eat some amazing sweets.
ALL recommends: Cake Pandoro, obviously.
One of the most iconic Korean fashion brands needs a nice retail experience. Blurring the lines between a store, experimental installation and art gallery, the place is very well connected with the brand universe and urban culture.
Designed as a cultural hub in the historical district of Seoul as well as Korea's largest fashion district, the DDP is equipped with diverse public spaces including an exhibition hall, design museum or the design lab. We had the honour of visiting the Seoul Biennale of architecture and urbanism.
The American company is actually owned by Nestlé and is a good example of the specialty coffee boom in Asia. It's always cool to visit it to discover new products in this sector or to spend a few hours working.
Index is located inside Common Ground, a container mall in an up-and-coming neighbourhood.A beautiful bookstore where you can get lost and browse a book while enjoying a good cup of tea.
ALL recommends: Cup of tea with sweet cream.
“Ppalli-ppalli” is a Korean expression that can be translated for “hurry, hurry” and this restaurant is the perfect example. Go to the restaurant, order fast, eat alone in a cabin and go back to work. A curious and tasty experience.
ALL recommends: Porck belly ramen!
A minimalistic pretty little store to shop for sophisticated Korean brands like Current, Vivastudio or Papabear. A good opportunity to shop for high quality clothes.
Amore Seongsu is a place to get to know beauty. It is not a space that sells cosmetics, but a space to experience Korean skincare products by themselves along with a perfectly designed building.
ALL recommends: Please, buy hundreds of samples at the exit.
Another fantastic instagrammable café where you can have a good time and continue eating tasty pastries. Its central table full of delicacies will make you lose your senses.
This is comfort food! The most delicious tonkatsu (korean style breaded pork), the only thing you need to change your mood if you have a bad day.
ALL recommends: It's not a bad moment to drink soju and korean beer.
We love the way Nike adapt their stores to the cultural codes of each city. If you want your Jordans clean like Spike Lee in Do the Right Thing, you can enjoy this service at the SNKRS Hongdae Store.
ALL recommends: Find out beforehand if there are any releases in the store or you will not be able to enter.
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