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Paris has the perfect balance between elegance, hedonism and underground. With the fashion in the soul and fuelled by natural wine and state of art patisseries, stylish people run down the street looking for a pleasant day. Nothing better than putting one of these locations on the map to discover its streets and all the treasures they have to offer.
This guide is updated every trip. Last updated: 12/12/2021.
Bambino is a place where food and drinks dance to the beat of the turntables. Vins vitants, cocktails and a short, tasteful menu. Good vibes only.
ALL recommends: Sandwich poulet rôti and Willy Tonka cocktail.
This restaurant is part of the SEPTIME family and is the authentic fresh seafood church in the middle of La Bastille. Fish, oysters and bubbles; killer combo for a perfect Sunday.
ALL recommends: Plateau panaché and Tartelette au sirop d’érable, chantilly.
Hidden between dance schools, Caché is all about raw fish and an excelent cave designed for connoisseurs. It's a perfect place for a date or, maybe, a celebration with friends, clients; who know...
ALL recommends: Sashimi Daurade Royal and Tataki de Thon Rouge.
Our emergency breakfast (or re-breakfast) in Opera. A young bake house with a cool team that's the perfect place to grab a little treat and continue the day.
ALL recommends: Tigré choco noisette and babka.
The main concept store in Le Marais. Tom Greyhound has an excellent selection of brands such as Sporty&Rich, Loewe, Maison Margiela or Jil Sander.
ALL recommends: Take a photo in their famous mirror in front of the entrance.
One of the greatest players in the vintage game in Paris. Reworked Barbours, restored military trenches, Pendleton Deadstocks and interesting collaborations with design teams like JJJJPound.
ALL recommends: Spend some time talking about the project with the staff
This flagship, located at 79 Champs-Elysées, is the brand's bid to define the future of retail by offering Parisians and visitors an immersive experience to test its innovative products.
ALL recommends: Register on the Nike app before you go to enjoy the full shopping experience.
A coffee roasting workshop and a specialty and local coffee lounge in the Arts et Métiers district. With a clientele that looks as if it were straight out of a fashion magazine, it is without a doubt one of the best places to take a break from work.
ALL recommends: Ice matcha or cold brew sitting on the bench outside.
Are you working in Paris for a few weeks? Do you have an apartment? Spending Sunday morning selecting the ingredients for an amazing table to share with colleagues or friends it's an amazing place to do so.
If you are looking for a traditional restaurant, Le Petit Saint Benoit is one of the few that really is. This restaurant offers good old fashioned dishes of: egg mayo, steaks, onion soup gratin, snails and confits...
ALL recommends: Let the waitress recommend you something from the Marché du Jour (daily menu).
Le Chartier is a legend from la Belle Époque. Parisians or tourists, everyone loves to eat traditional French food in their noisy and elegant salon inside an alley in the centre of Paris.
ALL recommends: Escargots and Avocat sauce crevettes.
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